Using an Object Prop in Blender

This tutorial will show you how to clone an EA object and bring
it into Blender with the rig so that you can use it as a prop to help
make your poses and animations with.  Please note, you can only
clone objects from the base game and from EP’s that you have installed
for the clone to work.  I’ve used the afRig to illustrate the
tutorial but you can use any rig with this feature.

Note – check the About page to make sure you have the version of Blender required for the current version of the CLIPTool prior to proceeding with the tutorial.

Clone the Object

Open s3oc and click File in the upper left corner.  For most
furniture you will want to choose Normal objects on the drop down
menu.  Exceptions would be modular items such as counters and
fences or things like fireplaces.  For those choose the appropriate
selection from the drop down menu instead of Normal objects.


Once you click the type of object you want to clone there will be a
brief pause while s3oc generates the list of choices.  Once it
makes the list scroll through it until you find the object you want to
clone.  Then left click the item so that a blue line shows on
it.  Look in the right hand panel near the bottom and click the
Clone or Fix button.



When you click the button the left hand panel will change.
Leave all the default settings in place and just click the Start
button.  Navigate to the folder where you want to save the prop and
save it there.


Loading the Prop into Blender

Open Blender and open the rig you want to use.  Switch into Object Mode.


Click the Scene button if the S3PY RigTools Menu isn’t showing.
If the menu isn’t expanded click the black triangle to the left of the
Menu title. Click the Load Prop button.

Navigate to where you saved the object you cloned, select it, and
click Import Sims 3 Prop in the upper right corner.  The object
will then appear in your 3D View Box.

While still in Object Mode right click on the prop and use the g key
on your keyboard to move it away from the center so it isn’t on top of
the rig.  Note that for objects with multiple groups like the bed
the easiest way to do this is to grab the object’s rig.  The whole
object will follow.

Now select the rig over in the Outliner.  You should see the bones and joints of the rig turn orange.

Then go to Pose Mode while you have the rig selected.

Now you’re ready to make your pose using the prop.


If you have questions about the tutorial or run into problems following it please leave a comment detailing the issue.


26 thoughts on “Using an Object Prop in Blender

  1. First I want to say thank you SO much for these tutorials! I had bookmarked this information and PANICKED when I saw the “this page no longer exists”. AAAAH! So, I’m glad this is still here!

    Anyway, I am trying to make a pose where a Sim plays a guitar while sitting in a wheelchair. I pulled the wheelchair object in just fine, but it is lying on its back in relation to the way the Sim rig is standing. Do objects usually do this?

    Just wondering. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi, can you make sure you are using the latest version of blender and the latest version of these plugins? If you are and the problem is still there, could you tell me where to get this wheelchair so I can figure out what is going wrong?

      • I believe I am using the latest versions of Blender and the plugins, but even the guitar came in the same way as the wheelchair. Not a terribly big deal, as I was able to adjust them in relation to the rig. Once I got the rig seated in the chair, I actually just made a new rig from that, so that any kind of poses I need for that character, I can do without having to put him in the chair first 🙂 The poses I made work, so I’m pretty happy.

        Thanks again for really awesome tutorials!

  2. Hi, I’m trying to make a toddler in a stroller pose. But I’m having trouble adding the stroller. Only the rig shows up. I have all tools updated and other objects opens fine. Is there any other way to add the prop?
    Thanks 😀

  3. Thank you so much for these tutorials! However, I have a question. if we move the object itself (say a trash bag, for example), how do we get the object to snap into place? Do we just package the bag as an object or…?

  4. Hi! First, I’d like to say I’m glad to find your tutorial, just like Abby said, I thought that was deleted… But I’m having trouble with adding the prop on Blender. When I add it, only the bones of the object appears, but the sim rig keeps normal. I followed correctly the instructions, but what is wrong with it?
    Thank you!

  5. i import BedDoubleContemporary and my blender version is 2.69 and ClipTool….ClipTool i see in blender and in blender is write ClipTool Version 1.53

  6. Hi! i love your tutorials they’re awesome! but for some reason my props won’t load in the game i just get a weird looking stick thing i can move it and everything but it wont show the actual prop i’ve tried using another prop and it wouldnt work either and i downloaded all the updates so im not quite sure what’s going on any help would be great!

      • okay sorry to blow up this thread with stuff but it seems that the only objects that arent working are the ones in the normal objects tab any ideas?

  7. Hello, thank you so much for this tutorial.
    I’ve been making a pose with a counter top and keep getting this happening, no matter how high I put the Sim in Blender:

    What am I doing wrong here?

  8. Hi! Thank you for posting this! It was a big help.
    I have a question, though. Is it possible to animate the props with the sims as well, as in, for example, if I want my sim to hold a pen or knock down a flower vase?

  9. I am kinda particular about getting my pose to line up with intended props with minimal futzing with MOO in game. So, I’m wondering do you know how many grid-lines in Blender equate to a square in game? Or how many grid lines vertically equate to a wall height?

  10. I know this has nothing to do with the tutorial, but which version of s3pe has t the object to set the value of the preview to value? My s3pe doesn’t have that option, and I was wondering if you happened to know why. Thanks 🙂

  11. Please help me! I have asked several people , but none can help me or not answer me 😦 Whenever I try to add objects , with everyone from all forms , happens THAT error: Please even me say you know how to solve , please : ‘ ( I really want to use the objects to improvements my poses!! Please again , answer me? Thank you for your attention , wait a help !! !

      • I had this problem earlier. The issue is that your Blender is too up to date in comparison to your sims animation. You need to uninstall blender and redownload Version 2.67 and no update further to this.

        • I was having this problem too and I uninstalled the normal blender and got version 2.67, but now I can’t add props at all D: I dont know what the problem and its really frustrating because I just want to make a pose with prop .-.

  12. Issue after making The Sims 3 pose (Blender)?

    So, I make pose in Blender with CAS Part prop which is a glasses. It came out great, but I didn’t know the proper way to save the clip with the prop in its specific position I had made because when I saved it in the usual way and then tested it in game, the pose was right but the glasses stayed still in its normal position. Please help! Thank you..

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