Choose the Outfit You Want To Pose the Rig In

The current Sim rigs each come with a nice outfit on.  But
sometimes it’s helpful, especially for poses that require special
clothing like a gown, to see the rig wearing the clothes you intend the
pose to suit in the game.  This mini-tutorial will show you how to
use the new feature in the CLIPTool that will allow you to change the
clothing on your rig in Blender.  I’ve used the afRig as an example
but any rig that wears clothes can use this feature.

This tutorial assumes you know how to make a pose or animation.
All it shows is how to change the clothes the rig is wearing in your
Blender 3D view.

What You Will Need:

Blender – check the About page to make sure you have the version of Blender required for the current version of the CLIPTool.
CLIPTool – current version

Clone the Outfit Using s3oc

Open s3oc and click Cloning.  Choose CAS Part from the drop down menu.


Left click the item you want to clone.  On the right hand side
near the top you’ll see a thumbnail showing a picture of the item you’ve


When you find the one you want click the Clone or Fix button that is near the bottom on the right hand side.


The left hand side of the screen will change.  Leave all the
setting there as they are and just click the Start button.
Navigate to the folder where you want to save the file.  Then click

Changing the Rig’s Clothing

In the Outliner over on the right hand side find the line that has
the rig in it.  For the female rig this line will say afRig.
Click the + next to it to expand it.


Right click on the part that you want to replace and select Delete
from the Outliner Object Operation dropdown menu which appears.


You will notice that part of the mesh disappears from the 3D view window leaving only the rig (bones & joints) behind.


The Scene tab should be selected by default when you import the rig.  If it is not you will need to click it.


The S3PY Rig Tools should be expanded by default but if they aren’t
click the black triangle next to the title to expand that area.
Scroll down if you cannot see this area or if you cannot see the Load
CAS button in this area.   Click the Load CAS button.


Navigate to where you saved the clothing item.  Click on the
item and then click the Import Sims 3 Prop in the upper right hand
corner.  Remember to remove both top and bottom garments from the
rig before opening your item if you’re planning on loading a 1 piece

You will see your new clothing item(s) appear on the rig in the 3d
view and you are ready to create your pose or animation.  Note that
some changes of clothing may cause the hands and other exposed skin to
turn white or black.  This will not affect your pose or animation
but if you would like to fix it so it shows skin texture there continue
to the next steps.  If you choose instead to begin making your pose
right away select a joint on the rig and switch to Pose mode first.


Click the Texture button on the right hand side.  It looks like a
red and white checkered box.  A new box will open below.
Scroll down to the first empty line and right click on it.


After you click on the empty line it will turn blue and a bar that
says New will show up below.  Click the checkered box next to the
bar.  Do not click where it says New…click the checkered box.


A menu will pop up.  Select afBody_m.


The empty line you selected will now show the afBody_m.  Use the
up arrow on the right to move it above the Multiplier for your garment.


In the Outliner box above you will notice two lines that start with
afBody.  One is selected and this is the one you have added the
skin texture to.  Click the other to select it so that it turns
white.  Again click the first empty line and when the bar that says
New in it shows up click the checkered box next to it.  Select
afBody_m from the menu.


Move afBody_m above the Multiplier as before and you will see you now have skin showing on the appropriate parts of your rig.


The skin will not be completely correct yet so scroll down to the Mapping section and change Generated to UV:


If you’re in Object mode after adding the clothes and skin texture
just click a joint on the rig and switch back over to Pose mode to begin
creating your pose.


If you have questions about the tutorial or run into problems following it please leave a comment detailing the issue.


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  1. The one whom deleted the other blog could take some pictures to make this understandable to the rest of people who’s not familiar with Blender menus?

  2. Sorry to ask, but will new pictures be updated soon? I feel that this particular tutorial needs them more than others – I followed along just with the text, and got the outfit on the sim ok, but got lost when it came to the steps about bringing the skin texture back 😦

  3. When went to download the s3oc file it said it no longer existed please pick another file? what do I do please I need help!

  4. I’m getting a weird error that my CAS parts can’t be loaded because they’re not in the right location? Anyone know how to fix that?

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