Posing with Multiple Rigs of Your Choice

This tutorial will teach you to bring multiple rigs into
Blender so that you can pose them all at once.  It assumes you have
gone through the Start to Finish Pose Tutorial Using Blender & CLIPTool: For Sim and Animal Poses that I wrote and does not repeat instructions from that tutorial.

1. Open the first rig that you want to use.

2. Click File and choose Append.


3. Navigate to the rigs and pick the second one you want to use.

4. Click the Object folder to open it.


5. Select all of the parts in that folder that begin with the letters the rig itself begins with.
– you can select them all at one time by holding down the Shift button and clicking on each one to highlight them in orange.
– once they’re all selected click Link/Append in upper right corner.


6. Now you should see the second rig highlighted in orange in your 3D view.  Switch to Object Mode.


7. Select the second rig, and hit g to grab.  Now you will be
able to move the rig by moving your mouse.  Before moving the rig
click y to exclude motion in the x and z directions.  If you would
prefer to move the second rig next to the first you can click x to
exclude motion in the y and z directions.  Now slide your mouse to
move the second rig away from the first.  Position it where you
want.  When you have the second rig positioned where you want it
left mouse click to release the rig so that you can move your mouse
without moving the rig.


8. Now switch back to Pose Mode and make your poses.


10. When you’re finished with both poses, select all the joints on
one of the rigs, insert your keyframe as usual and then export the
pose.  To make it so the joints are all selected by hitting a you
will need to have at least one joint on the rig you’re saving
selected.  Once you’re done with the first rig do the same for the
second rig.  You will need to click a joint on the second rig to
make it so that clicking the a button will choose all the joints on that
one instead of on the first one.

If you have questions about the tutorial or run into problems following it please leave a comment detailing the issue.


9 thoughts on “Posing with Multiple Rigs of Your Choice

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  2. after i’m doing all of the thing, so in the game, i can’t place the poses so they are in the right place (for example, if a toddler on a female’s shoulder in blender, in the game he is a little behind)
    how do i fix this problem? where in blender do i need to place the rigs? please help.
    p.s: sorry for my bad English 😛

    • Hi polina,
      When posing, it helps to have the “moveobjects on” cheat enabled, and hold down the alt key so that you can position the sims without snapping to grid lines. The _soc blender rigs are positioned in blender to match regular sim interactions( 0.35 of a unit from the center for each sim), but if just using the pose player the sims won’t be positioned quite that way.

  3. My rigs are always pixelated when I try to make poses and I don’t know how to fix it? Help please.

  4. How do you do this with two toddlers? Because every time I try, it says there’s no library for the toddler rig.

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