Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender & CLIPTool: For Sim and Animal Poses

This tutorial will teach you how to make your own toddler pose
that can be played with Cmo’s Pose Player.  You can follow the same
directions to make an adult pose, child pose, or animal pose.
Details on the minor differences in what you need to do are discussed at
the end of the tutorial.



Blender – See the About Page for the particular version of Blender needed for the current version of the CLIPTool.  Note the correct version of Blender is required for optimal results using the CLIPTool.

CLIPTool and rigs for CLIPTool by A

NOTE: The rigs used for AnimTool will not work with CLIPTool and vice versa.

Pose Player by Cmo


Download all of the above.

1. Install Blender according to the instructions.

2.  A’s Instructions show HOW TO INSTALL THE CLIPTOOL once you have Blender   installed.

3. Put Pose Player .package into your Mods folder.

4. Create a folder and name it something like ClipToolRigs.  Open the rigs.rar and put the rigs into your new folder.


Create a working folder on your desktop.  Name it whatever you
plan to name your pose.  In this case I’m going to name my working
folder p_om_toddlertutorialpose.


1. Open Blender and then open the toddler rig.  It is the one named puRig.blend.



2. Pose the toddler rig:

a. To rotate a joint:

Right mouse click on the joint you want to rotate.  It will turn light blue indicating it is selected.

Click the r key on your computer keyboard.  A dotted line with
arrows at the end will appear.  Move your mouse until the joint is
positioned how you want it and then left mouse click to get out of
rotate mode.


b. To move around the rig:

* For precise views place your mouse in the 3D view box and click a number on your keyboard number pad.

1 = front
3 = side
7 = top


* To reverse the view hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking a number on the number pad at the same time.

Ctrl 1 = back
Ctrl 3 = side
Ctrl 7 = bottom

* To rotate your view of the rig freely place your mouse in the 3D
view box, click the scroll wheel on your mouse, and then move your

* To zoom in and out place your mouse in the 3D view box and scroll your scroll wheel.

c. To move the rig itself:

Click on the large joint that is centered around the rig’s pelvis to select it.

Once selected it will turn light blue.

Click r on your keyboard to rotate it or g to grab and move it.


d. To work on the face:

Place your mouse in the 3D view and scroll in closely.  You will
probably notice that you have scrolled in on the center of the rig and
have a good view of the stomach area.

To hone in on the face press the Shift key on your keyboard and then
press your middle mouse button.  Pull your mouse toward you and
your view of the rig will move up to the face.  Now you can select
joints and reposition them as usual.


Use the middle mouse button to scroll in and out to see how your work is progressing.

e. To select joints from the joints list:

Make sure you’re in Pose mode.


Look over on the right hand side of the screen and you will see the
Outliner editor.  The name of the rig you’ve opened will appear on
that list. Click the plus sign to the left of the name to begin
expanding it. With the first click you will see the word pose. Click the
plus sign next to that.

You will then see b_ROOT.  Click the plus sign next to that. You will
then see b_ROOT_bind. Click the plus next to that. Now you’ll see
b_Pelvis and b_Spine0. The face joints are under
b_Spine0/b_Spine1/b_Spine2/b_Neck/b_Head/b_HeadNew. The eye nose and
mouth joints are under the EyeArea, MouthArea, and NoseArea headers.

As you go down the list the words will appear further and further
over to the right. Under the Outliner list is a slider you can use to
slide the list over to see better or you can place your mouse over the
line dividing the Outliner from the View screen where the rig is (which
will give you a double headed arrow) and slide it to the left to expand
the Outliner.

To select a joint on the list click on the name of the joint and the corresponding joint on the rig will turn light blue.


f. To Undo a mistake:

Click Ctrl on your keyboard, hold it down, and click the z on your keyboard.

3. SET THE KEYFRAME:  When your pose is complete
click a on your keyboard to select all the joints.  They will turn
light blue when selected.  If they don’t all turn blue click the a
key again.

Once all the joints are selected click the i key on your keyboard to bring up the Insert Keyframe Menu.

On that menu choose LocRot to set the keyframe.

** NOTE: THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT & IF YOU DON’T DO IT ALL YOUR WORK WILL BE LOST.  This is what turns all the changes you’ve made to the rig into something that can be saved.



1. Click File in the upper left hand corner and
select Export.  When the new menu pops up select Sims 3 Animation


2. A small popup box will appear.  Type the name you want for your pose into the blank line and then click OK.

The name should begin with p_ to indicate that it is a toddler pose
(EA uses the letter p for toddler the way they use a for adult) and it
should be unique.

NOTE: Choose the name you want your final pose to have and do not
change it once you have completed this step.  You must use a
prefix such as p_ (for toddler pose), a_ (for adult pose), and
etc.  If you don’t use a name like this you will get an error when
you click OK or your pose will explode in the game.

NOTE:  The name you choose during this step is the name you must type into the Pose Player to see your pose in the game.



3. After you click OK a new screen will appear.  You will see
your pose name in the upper left part of the screen.  It will have a
long number in front of it.  Just leave the name alone.

** Do not change the name.

Just look over in the upper right corner and click the Save Sims 3 Animation button.



1. Open s3pe.

2. Click File in the upper left corner and pick New
from the dropdown menu.  Then Click Resource which is also in the
upper bar to the right of the word file.  Choose Import and then
choose From file.

3. Navigate to your working folder.  Select your .animation and click Open.

4. When the popup box appears just click OK – do not change anything.

5. Then click File and save the .package.

I usually use the same name I gave the CLIP just to make it easy to remember when testing it in the game.

Now you’re ready to install the .package into your mods folder and test in game.


If you have questions about the tutorial or run into problems following it please leave a comment detailing the issue.


109 thoughts on “Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender & CLIPTool: For Sim and Animal Poses

    • Oops! I fixed the “download” page to not be “downloa”. Links should work now.

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was very easy to follow and descriptive. It helped a lot! (:

  2. Hey, thanks so much for this tutorial! ❤
    I'd been meaning to attempt poses for a while, but always been scared (silly, I know). But then I found this tutorial and decided I'd just go for it. I've made quite a few, but I'd like to move on from standing poses to seated and lying poses. Only thing is, I can't work out how to move the floor if you know what I mean? Like, I'll make a decent lying pose, but they'll be floating mid-air!

    Oh, and I'm being stupid, but I also can't work out how to edit my poses I've already made. There are a few clipping issues with clothes on the ones i've made, but can't figure out how to open the file in blender again!

    Thanks in advance for any help, and thank you again for this tutorial 🙂

  3. I am trying to get this all right so I can make poses. Now when you talk about putting the Rigs into the ClipToolRigs where does that folder go? I have gotten everything downloaded and the rigs.rar (they actually downloaded as compressed folders). How do I get the rigs to show in the blender? And do I need the io_s3py_animation-1.57 to be in the blender as well?? I hope I am making sense. I have been making sims and houses; now I would like to take my creating a step further.

    • I got the rigs figured out. My head wasnt being willing to see everything in this tutorial. Thank you for making this.

  4. Help Please! 😦 I have installed everything following the instructions to a T. I have sat here and created a pose that I really like. But when I try to export it it says “Armature has no animation data to export.” How do I fix this?

    • I’m glad the tutorial helped you, but I didn’t write it, orangemittens wrote all of the tutorials here 🙂 You should thank her.

      • C: I’ll be sure to do so – I’m quite a fan of her work on Modthesims

  5. Hello,
    First of all I want to thank you for all these wonderful tutorials! they are really great!
    I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate maya to do sims 3 animations (I’m well versed in animating in maya and would like to add a rig ontop of the pre existing sims 3 rig to facilitate animation). I’m thinking of exporting the rig from blender into maya. Do the animation in maya and then bake the keys onto the joints and then export that into Blender. So the blender will have the rig with all the keys/animation but not the geometry.
    So my question is when you make the .animation file in blender does it only take the joints/keys? or does it take the mesh as well?

    -thank you

    • Hi Leslie. The meshes and textures are only there to make it easier to see what the end result will be. When exporting as a .animation, the only thing that is used are the keyframes and the associated joint names. I don’t have Maya to test with, but presumably, if you can get your maya animation to work in blender on one of the provided rigs, it should export to .animation fine.

  6. Ok, I followed everything to the letter. But once I went in game to test out my pose, it was just in the default position when you start blender. Was there something I did wrong or something I missed?

    • This is the only thing I believe could’ve gone wrong, step 3 – if you didn’t do it, that could happen.
      “3. SET THE KEYFRAME: When your pose is complete
      click a on your keyboard to select all the joints. They will turn
      light blue when selected. If they don’t all turn blue click the a
      key again.”

    • Hi Hachi,
      Could you try loading the rig .blend file then import the .animation file that you created? If that works then the pose is fine, but there may be other problems with how it was named, packaged or played in game.

    • Hi, I’m not completely sure why that happens to some people. I think it has to do with blender not liking certain graphics cards. You can try using older versions of blender and see if it helps. If you do however use an older blender you may have to use an older version of the plugins too.

  7. When i open the blender and click on the sims or animals they all go white and then i can move or do anything what have i done wrong?

  8. Thank you for this, I’ve done a few poses because of your tutorial.
    Can I ask a question, haha xD
    I am trying to work on the faces, and I want to do poses where I can sort of close eyes, entirely, or only slightly, but, I’ve been looking and I don’t think I’ll ever figure it out.
    Would you know how?
    Thanks for your time.

  9. I am having a huge problem .. When I want to transfer my laying on my game, I do Export, Sims 3 Animation, then I can not find. “.animation” does not appear, what to do? ‘(

    I apologize if I speak bad English, I’m French ..

    • Hi,
      I’m not sure that I am understanding exactly what is happening.
      Do you have the “Export> Sims 3 Animation (.animation)” option?
      If you do, look for a small window when you click it called “Export Sims 3 Animation” (There is a picture in step 2 of exporting animation). The small window is not so noticeable and if you click outside the window it disappears and you will need to export again. Once you name it with the correct name like a_ for adult poses and click “OK” it should let you choose where you want to save the .animation file. If you can tell me exactly what happens from the moment you click export sims 3 animation, i can find out what went wrong.

  10. do the poses show up in the player or do i have to “pose by name” ive done EVERYTHING including step 3 and i dont see my poses.

  11. Whats the S3PE? It says open S3PE but I’m not surre what it is…sorry this is my first time making poses

  12. Hi there 🙂

    First I would like to thank you for this great tutorial. it was really helpful and worked fine for me. but somehow it’s not working for pets. 😦 I did it the same way, as with sims. it worked fine in blender. but when I use the pose in the game, the pats get somewhat deformed in a really strange way. ôo what am I doing wrong? I named the poses right. I have no idea why this happens. QAQ

  13. Heeeey,
    first thank you so much for the tutorial it works great and made a lot of pose packs for me and friends. But i made my first pose pack with foals and i don’t know which beginning of the name i need to type in. like by horse it’s ah_ and that stuff but foals isn’t mentioned above
    thanks anyway

    • Im haveing the same problem and all the other stuff is alright but I dont now why it isnt showing up when I go to File export. What could be wrong?

    • Are you in pose mode? You can make sure you are by looking at the illustration in step 2 part e above and verifying that you are in the correct mode to pose.

        • figured out how to select joints in menu so i can still pose, still can’t select with right click however which would be much more convenient.

  14. Thanks for the tutorial. I used an adult male rigfile to practice and successfully made a kneel down pose. When I test in game, my sim only do the same pose as the original rigfile (standing, with hands wide open). Before export it to .animation file, I did press the A key to select all joints and click on LocRot. How could I solve this problem?

    • Just figured out what’s wrong. When I press the A key my mouse cursor was on the joints list. Should have moved it on the body so that they will turn blue…

  15. Thank you so much for this. You are wonderful!!! I thought I was never going to learn how to make poses. I can’t say I know everything because I just made a smiling toddler, but I will learn as I practice more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    You are great! 😀

  16. This is the best tutorial I’ve seen so far! Just a ? though. I was able to open my S3PE with Wine, but since the file opening is built for PC’s, I am unable to reach my animations. Everything else has gone smoothly. Is there any way to fix this?

  17. Hi ! I do all steps you said , but when I open the blender my sim female is completely white 😦 What I can do now ??? Thank you , If you don’t understand I can put a photo to see !

    • i have the same problem! can’t figure out what happened, even though i followed every step carefully 😦

  18. Hey, I did everything correctly and I made my pose but when I say export I don’t see the (.animation) not even at import, I don’t think I did anything wrong please help I really love the pose I made and I would like to use it ingame

  19. Hey,ty so much for this

    when i try the last step to save the pose
    i go to the s3pe and get this message
    “ould not open package:

    This file does not contain the expected package identifier in the header.
    This could be because it is a protected package (e.g. a Store item), a Sims3Pack or some other random file.”

    do you know what could help with that?

    • Hi,

      This error is when s3pe is told to open a file that isn’t a sims package. In the last step, you should be creating a new package with “File>New” and that will create an empty one. Make sure to import the clip into the new package and not use “File>Open” for the clip.

  20. Hi, I’d like to know what the .animation save thing is for a baby, not a toddler, unless they are the same thing. Thanks!

  21. thank you (A and Orangemittens) so much for this tutorial and the plugins!!! finally made a pose after wanting to for so long and i’m so glad :3 only thing i’d add is every prefix for every sim, as i had to search up some of the ones missing on here (such as puppies and such).

    adult sim – a_
    child sim – c_
    toddler sim – p_
    baby sim – b_
    adult dog – ad_
    puppy – cd_
    adult cat – ac_
    kitten – cc_
    adult horse – ah_
    foal – ch_

  22. Now i’ve done everything and i’m ready to export my pose, but when i look for the Sims 3 Animation-option, i can’t find it. So i’m just wondering if anyone knows how to fix that?

  23. I imported the pose into my game, but it works differently from the pose i downloaded made by others, Other pose will not stop until I cancel the interaction, but mine, it seem like there is a certain period that my sims will take the pose, then they will unfreeze themselves, the pose will not be cancelled even I cross the interaction, sims will only unfreeze after certain time. is that I did anything wrong during the making?

    • and i would also like to ask how to import my pose into cmomoeny’s poseplayer?? I don’t want to type the pose name everytime…. Thanks a lot

      the tutorial is awesome BTW

  24. First off, thank you so much for such an easy-to-follow tutorial. I’ve been having a blast experimenting with my own poses!

    I’m having a problem with sim heights. I’m screwing around with the blender scale options, making my characters much taller. The heights don’t translate in the actual game – they’re still the same height.

    Can you tell me what I need to do? Thanks!

  25. Hi, A

    Thanks for the excellent resources here. I’ve been using these rigs to create poses for quite some time, but I ran into a problem a while ago that I haven’t been able to fix. The textures on my rigs are now looking like this:

    It’s especially noticeable when rotating the camera, as it does what I can only describe as “shimmering.” It’s fine when I switch to solid and it doesn’t affect the poses in-game, but it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to accurately pose the eyes.

    I’ve reinstalled Blender, the plugins, and the rigs but I can’t figure out what’s going on. Any advice?


  26. Hello..when i started to klick I after i klick A,why it said report error :no active keying set.
    Thanks..i’ll wait for your reply

  27. Now it turned blue and i click a once again,and it said “keying set failed to insert any keyframes”

    Help please

  28. After I press A and do LocRot and go to export, there is no Sims 3 Animation option. Can you please hep me get this option so I can export my pose? 🙂

  29. I’m trying to play an animation of an adult dog, but it just deforms upright as if it were conforming to a human rig. All the humans work fine, and i’ve even used the “ad_” prefix too. not sure why it is happening.

    • You may want to check that you have the latest pose player. The previous versions did not support pet poses.

  30. my shit is white like my sims in white in blender Like what tf i cants ee what im doing

  31. I did everything that I was told to do but when I do the last step and Import the file into S3pe a message pops up saying “Some resource names may not be displayed” What should I do?

  32. I need help 😦 i got everything but s3pe wont work and i really want to make poses because i have a instagram acc ( sims.forever ) and for my 200th follower gift i really want to make some poses?????

  33. I have a problem.. I did everything well but once i’m in the game for testing my pose my sim doesn’t pose.. I have tested several time, i even made another pose thinking maybe i’ve forgotten smthg! But she still doesn’t pose T__T

  34. Hi I put my pose in my game but it won’t show up. I tried to add it into pose player, but my sin does nothing. I followed these steps but I don’t know what to do. I went in game, typed the code in pose player and went to my list & tried making my sin pose, but still nothing. Is there any way to fix this?

  35. I don’t see the pose in the game, the sim is just…standing. I think that I do everything good, I just follow the steps perfectly…But I don’t have the pose in the game. What can I do?

    Sorry for my bad english, is just learn english at school for 2 monds.

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