Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender & CLIPTool: For Sim and Animal Poses

This tutorial will teach you how to make your own toddler pose
that can be played with Cmo’s Pose Player.  You can follow the same
directions to make an adult pose, child pose, or animal pose.
Details on the minor differences in what you need to do are discussed at
the end of the tutorial.



Blender – See the About Page for the particular version of Blender needed for the current version of the CLIPTool.  Note the correct version of Blender is required for optimal results using the CLIPTool.

CLIPTool and rigs for CLIPTool by A

NOTE: The rigs used for AnimTool will not work with CLIPTool and vice versa.

Pose Player by Cmo


Download all of the above.

1. Install Blender according to the instructions.

2.  A’s Instructions show HOW TO INSTALL THE CLIPTOOL once you have Blender   installed.

3. Put Pose Player .package into your Mods folder.

4. Create a folder and name it something like ClipToolRigs.  Open the rigs.rar and put the rigs into your new folder.


Create a working folder on your desktop.  Name it whatever you
plan to name your pose.  In this case I’m going to name my working
folder p_om_toddlertutorialpose.


1. Open Blender and then open the toddler rig.  It is the one named puRig.blend.



2. Pose the toddler rig:

a. To rotate a joint:

Right mouse click on the joint you want to rotate.  It will turn light blue indicating it is selected.

Click the r key on your computer keyboard.  A dotted line with
arrows at the end will appear.  Move your mouse until the joint is
positioned how you want it and then left mouse click to get out of
rotate mode.


b. To move around the rig:

* For precise views place your mouse in the 3D view box and click a number on your keyboard number pad.

1 = front
3 = side
7 = top


* To reverse the view hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking a number on the number pad at the same time.

Ctrl 1 = back
Ctrl 3 = side
Ctrl 7 = bottom

* To rotate your view of the rig freely place your mouse in the 3D
view box, click the scroll wheel on your mouse, and then move your

* To zoom in and out place your mouse in the 3D view box and scroll your scroll wheel.

c. To move the rig itself:

Click on the large joint that is centered around the rig’s pelvis to select it.

Once selected it will turn light blue.

Click r on your keyboard to rotate it or g to grab and move it.


d. To work on the face:

Place your mouse in the 3D view and scroll in closely.  You will
probably notice that you have scrolled in on the center of the rig and
have a good view of the stomach area.

To hone in on the face press the Shift key on your keyboard and then
press your middle mouse button.  Pull your mouse toward you and
your view of the rig will move up to the face.  Now you can select
joints and reposition them as usual.


Use the middle mouse button to scroll in and out to see how your work is progressing.

e. To select joints from the joints list:

Make sure you’re in Pose mode.


Look over on the right hand side of the screen and you will see the
Outliner editor.  The name of the rig you’ve opened will appear on
that list. Click the plus sign to the left of the name to begin
expanding it. With the first click you will see the word pose. Click the
plus sign next to that.

You will then see b_ROOT.  Click the plus sign next to that. You will
then see b_ROOT_bind. Click the plus next to that. Now you’ll see
b_Pelvis and b_Spine0. The face joints are under
b_Spine0/b_Spine1/b_Spine2/b_Neck/b_Head/b_HeadNew. The eye nose and
mouth joints are under the EyeArea, MouthArea, and NoseArea headers.

As you go down the list the words will appear further and further
over to the right. Under the Outliner list is a slider you can use to
slide the list over to see better or you can place your mouse over the
line dividing the Outliner from the View screen where the rig is (which
will give you a double headed arrow) and slide it to the left to expand
the Outliner.

To select a joint on the list click on the name of the joint and the corresponding joint on the rig will turn light blue.


f. To Undo a mistake:

Click Ctrl on your keyboard, hold it down, and click the z on your keyboard.

3. SET THE KEYFRAME:  When your pose is complete
click a on your keyboard to select all the joints.  They will turn
light blue when selected.  If they don’t all turn blue click the a
key again.

Once all the joints are selected click the i key on your keyboard to bring up the Insert Keyframe Menu.

On that menu choose LocRot to set the keyframe.

** NOTE: THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT & IF YOU DON’T DO IT ALL YOUR WORK WILL BE LOST.  This is what turns all the changes you’ve made to the rig into something that can be saved.



1. Click File in the upper left hand corner and
select Export.  When the new menu pops up select Sims 3 Animation


2. A small popup box will appear.  Type the name you want for your pose into the blank line and then click OK.

The name should begin with p_ to indicate that it is a toddler pose
(EA uses the letter p for toddler the way they use a for adult) and it
should be unique.

NOTE: Choose the name you want your final pose to have and do not
change it once you have completed this step.  You must use a
prefix such as p_ (for toddler pose), a_ (for adult pose), and
etc.  If you don’t use a name like this you will get an error when
you click OK or your pose will explode in the game.

NOTE:  The name you choose during this step is the name you must type into the Pose Player to see your pose in the game.



3. After you click OK a new screen will appear.  You will see
your pose name in the upper left part of the screen.  It will have a
long number in front of it.  Just leave the name alone.

** Do not change the name.

Just look over in the upper right corner and click the Save Sims 3 Animation button.



1. Open s3pe.

2. Click File in the upper left corner and pick New
from the dropdown menu.  Then Click Resource which is also in the
upper bar to the right of the word file.  Choose Import and then
choose From file.

3. Navigate to your working folder.  Select your .animation and click Open.

4. When the popup box appears just click OK – do not change anything.

5. Then click File and save the .package.

I usually use the same name I gave the CLIP just to make it easy to remember when testing it in the game.

Now you’re ready to install the .package into your mods folder and test in game.


If you have questions about the tutorial or run into problems following it please leave a comment detailing the issue.


109 thoughts on “Complete Pose Tutorial Using Blender & CLIPTool: For Sim and Animal Poses

  1. for some reason when i click extract it doesn’t have the “animation” option whyyy? can you gelp me????

  2. Hi! I am having an issue when I test this particular pose in game. It appears that the pose is always either higher or lower than it is in Blender. I can’t get it to look exactly how it looks in Blender. How can I fix this?

    • If you can’t get it to the exact level of the ground in blender, try using OMSP in game to adjust the height of the sim you are trying to pose. I hope this helps 🙂

      • Yeah I’ve figured it out since I’ve posted this. I didn’t need to use the OMSP after all. Thank you for your tutorial and for responding to my question! I now know how to pose because of you! 🙂

  3. When I select A it also selects all the cameras. I don’t think I want that, so I deleted them and just selected the joints on the sim. Is that right?

    • When I select A it also selects all the cameras. I don’t think I want that, so I deleted them and just selected the joints on the sim. Is that right?
      Nevermind, I got it

  4. When I click 7 in the 3d grid mode it my sim just disappears. I think it is because I don’t have a number pad on my laptop. Also I can not scroll because I do not have a mouse.

  5. My toddler poses strech to adult stance in game and I’m sure I named it right! My kid poses work fine! Why toddler?

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  7. Where do I find the “rigs” at? I installed the ClipTool thing like the pictures said and when I go to load the rig, it brings me to the folder where I installed the Add-on from. Nowhere does it tell you how to reach the rigs. Where are the rig files located?

  8. i just don’t understand how to use s3pe. does anyone have a more detailed tutorial? i googled how to convert .animation files to .package files and nothing came up!! 😦

    • It’s actually very simple,

      Converting to .package:

      1) Open s3pe

      2) Click and drag your .animation file (which I keep on my desktop for easy access) into s3pe (I usually have to drag it in twice before it imports)

      3) Another screen should pop up entitled “Resource Details”, make sure the box “Use resource name” is checked before clicking “Ok”

      4) Click “File” than “Save”

      5) Name the file whatever you want, no spaces or symbols. Just use letters and underscores, I don’t know whether or not you can use numbers
      – Example of one I named recently that worked: “Coda_DarylCarryingBeth”

      6) Save it in a place easy to access, I, once again, save it to my desktop

      7) Drag the .package into your mods, packages folder

      Finding your pose in game:

      1) Purchase the pose player in-game and place it on your lot [assuming you have pose player already installed and in your lot]

      2) Click on Pose Player in game

      3) Click “Select pose by name”

      4) Type in whatever you named the pose while exporting from blender to .animation
      – Example of my latest one: “a_Daryl_Carrying_Beth”

      That’s it, it’s very simple but if you have more questions feel free to ask 🙂

  9. Hi, so I did all the steps, but when I pose my sim, he does not do the pose? Did I miss something?

    • It means you didn’t name the pose right, when you type the pose in it should be (( p_posename2 )) p_ for toddler. a_ for adult. c_ for child and so on..

      • I have the same problem, I rechecked the name 100500+ times, I tried other names, other Blenders, other rigs, I used all ages, sexes and species, but all that sims do is stand in default adult pose instead of pose created by me.

  10. idk why the blender my animation looks fine, but in game, the head of my sims have some strange twist in some frames of the animation

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