Installation Instructions

Note: As the plugins get updated, and there are new versions of Blender, the pictures will not be 100% accurate.  Always use the version of Blender and the plugins mentioned on the download page even if the image shows a different version.

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin (io_s3py_animation .zip)
  2. Open blender, go to File>User Preferences>Addon instructions1
  3. Click “Install Addon” and choose the zip file.instructions2
  4. Find S3PY Animation Tools in the plugin list and make sure it is tickedinstructions3
  5. File>Save User Settings


Having problems installing? Check these things:

  • Make sure that you are using the correct version of blender. To
    check in blender, click “Help>Splash Screen” and make sure it is at
    the version or above that is named at the top of this post.
    When adding the plugin to blender, make sure that it is a .zip file that you are adding and not a .py. If you cant find the .zip
    file, your browser may have chosen to open the zip instead of saving
    it. In this case you need to re-download it and this time right-click
    the download link and choose Save As
    If you still cannot enable it, try this method by Solvent here.
  • If you are having trouble saving:
    Make sure you are giving the animation a proper name. Sims animation
    names must have a prefix such as “a_” for adult animations. There are
    more details here.
  • If you are still having problems:
    Please post here and describe what happens. If you are getting errors,
    it will be useful if you can post the error messages from the blender
    console. To enable the blender console go to “Help> Toggle System
    Console” and it will start a new window with the error details. You can
    either take a screenshot of that window, or right click the title bar of
    it and “Edit>Mark” and select the part you want to copy and
    “Edit>Copy” and paste that into your post. Blender uses your user
    folder for many things, so this console may contain your user name so
    you may want to edit that out if you don’t want that posted on the

30 thoughts on “Installation

    • I found the lost pictures for this page and added them back. Currently only the “Complete Pose Tutorial” has it’s pictures, but hopefully we can either find them or take new ones soon.

  1. Where is the zip file suppose to be for it to show up like it did in the picture? Because I’ve done everything up until the second picture, but could not find the zip file like it is presented in the picture?

  2. I can’t seem to figure out what okashii did. When it is in a .zip file, it doesn’t show up in blender but when I unzip it, it works and all that but when I go to tick the box for the S3PY Animation Tools, it doesn’t let me tick it. There’s some error.

    • Try changing the 3D View to User Preferences from its header instead of using File/User Preferences or ctrl alt U. It’s the white box in the lower corner.

      This sometimes helps with this issue.

  3. It says “Import-Export: MilkShape3D MS3D format (.ms3d)” above the import s3py animation tools, and won’t allow me to tick the s3py anim tools, just the milkshape3d format.

    • Make sure you select “” when installing and not “”. If it still won’t work, click the window menu at the top and select “Toggle System Console” and let me know what it says there when you try to tick it.

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  5. I can find everything but the “” wont show up its there when I say “install from file” i double click on the “” but it wont show up at the addons for me to tick it

    • Oh yea and i had to download blender 2.70 because i cant find 2.65 your link is broken plx fix it

    • I’m having the exact same problem with my blender program- do you; or does anyone know a fix for this?

      Thanks. 🙂

  6. I can’t save user preferences therefore i can’t save the pose as an animation. PLEASE HELP!

  7. Hello! I was wondering if they could be used for making custom hair and clothings as well. Thanks!

  8. Help? I’ve installed blender before and did this same tut and it worked then had to uninstall due to lack of memory on my computer but recently RE INSTALLED because I found more room and now it says this? Can someone help please me out?

  9. Hi, A!
    why when i click the file>user preference, it close up my crash..what should i do?

  10. Whenever I try to load a rig file, it is just a black shape of the body.Is it a bug or something? I don’t understand.

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