First Sims 4 Custom Animation – Testers Wanted


The Sims 4 is coming.  Many of us have seen demos and some of us are even lucky enough to have the CAS Demo.  Thanks to friends that do have it, we were able to do some testing with The Sims 4 CAS demo and update the Blender plugins so Sims 4 animations and poses are now possible.  Orangemittens has tested the plugins and created this new test animation.  The download is right below the picture.

Because the only way to play an animation at the moment is using a default replacement, this first custom animation is a default replacement for the animation you see when you select the Lazy Trait in the CAS demo.   You will need the CAS Demo to play this animation until the game is released.

To use it simply drop the .package in the mods folder for your CAS Demo game.  Then go into CAS and select the Lazy Trait.  The original EA lazy trait animation will be replaced by this default replacement.

If you have the CAS Demo please try the animation and post whether it worked for you.  All feedback is much appreciated.

This custom animation was packaged using s4pe which will soon be available at the Sims4Group Site.

Documentation on the Sims 4 CLIP resource is available at the Sims4Group Wiki.

This .package is cross-posted at Simlogical – Thank you Inge!

The screenshot and initial testing of the .animation was done by Kuree – many thanks 🙂


Baby Poses

baby_poseHello everyone,

Awhile back, a baby rig was requested, so I created the buRig.blend.  The only problem was, the pose player didn’t work for babies!  I had forgotten about it until today when I was asked again if there was any progress made on being able to make poses for babies, so I gave it a try, and it seems to work 🙂

I modified cmomoney’s pose player to allow babies to use it and created a test pose to try it.  Above is a picture of a test pose in-game and in blender.

The link below is a zip file with the test poses that I made, a2b_soc.blend(a rig setup with an adult and a baby), and the modified version of cmomoney’s poseplayer for anyone interested in testing.

The test pose names in b_test.package are:

  • a_babyhold
  • b_babyhold

If you want to test your own poses, you can use buRig.blend or a2b_soc.blend.  Testing EA poses with the pose player don’t always work very well since the baby is usually being held by a sim, which means they are rotated in a way that won’t look right if you get the baby to use the pose player from the floor.

When testing, remember

  • Use the latest version of blender
  • Use the latest plugins and rig files
  • a2b_soc.blend needs to be in the multi-rigs folder in your rig folder(just like all the other multi-sim rigs)
  • You will need to replace the cmomoney_PosePlayer.package in your mods folder with the one in the zip file to allow babies to use the pose player.  You can backup the original just in case.
  • Don’t laugh too hard at the test pose I made.  I’m not an animator, I’m a coder 😉

If all goes well, I will talk with cmomoney about incorporating this pose player change into the official download when he returns.