First Sims 4 Custom Animation – Testers Wanted


The Sims 4 is coming.  Many of us have seen demos and some of us are even lucky enough to have the CAS Demo.  Thanks to friends that do have it, we were able to do some testing with The Sims 4 CAS demo and update the Blender plugins so Sims 4 animations and poses are now possible.  Orangemittens has tested the plugins and created this new test animation.  The download is right below the picture.

Because the only way to play an animation at the moment is using a default replacement, this first custom animation is a default replacement for the animation you see when you select the Lazy Trait in the CAS demo.   You will need the CAS Demo to play this animation until the game is released.

To use it simply drop the .package in the mods folder for your CAS Demo game.  Then go into CAS and select the Lazy Trait.  The original EA lazy trait animation will be replaced by this default replacement.

If you have the CAS Demo please try the animation and post whether it worked for you.  All feedback is much appreciated.

This custom animation was packaged using s4pe which will soon be available at the Sims4Group Site.

Documentation on the Sims 4 CLIP resource is available at the Sims4Group Wiki.

This .package is cross-posted at Simlogical – Thank you Inge!

The screenshot and initial testing of the .animation was done by Kuree – many thanks 🙂


12 thoughts on “First Sims 4 Custom Animation – Testers Wanted

  1. This is amazing news! Thank you for all your hard work on this, especially this early onto the game. The sims modding community is seriously amazing.

    I have lots of questions to ask, I hope you can answer them! 🙂

    Will the Sims 4 clip tool be available right after the game’s release?

    Are the rigs for the Sims 4 similar to the Sims 3? Are they more simple or difficult to use? Will there a big learning curve for people who used the Sims 3 clip tool?

    Will we be able to convert animations/poses made from the Sims 3 clip tool over to the Sims 4 clip tool? Or is this not possible?

    Thank you for your time in reading this, I hope these aren’t too many questions!

  2. Hi PastaSauce, the rigs for S4 and S3 are very similar and, so far, are about the same to use. The learning curve for people accustomed to using CLIPTool for S3 will be minimal to non-existent as the process of making and packaging a pose has not changed and ClipTool for S4 functions the same way as CLIPTool for S3. Hopefully, at some point, the S4 rig’s functionality will be improved over what we were using in S3. If/when that happens, if anything, animating S4 will be easier than it was in S3.

    The test CLIPs I’ve made so far have revealed an issue with the S4 slider system that has yet to be resolved. This issue is causing CLIPs made using a slim sim as the model to clip the in-game sim’s clothes if that sim is significantly plumper. I don’t have the demo so I can’t experiment to see how much plumper is actually significantly plumper though. Testing is ongoing and will be facilitated by the public release of the demo.

    Although the S3 rig and S4 rig are similar they are not identical. S3 animations played on the S4 rig cause it to deform. It remains to be seen whether this issue can be overcome. Again, the public release of the demo will speed up the testing process quite a bit. 🙂

  3. Hi again! As the game releases in a day or so, I was wondering how the testing is going and whether the clip tool will be available soon.

    Before in The Sims 3 animation was played through the animation player in live mode – however with this clip tool, would it be possible to include an option to create animations as a default replacement, like with this test animation, so we can play animations in CAS mode too? That would be extremely helpful in making videos. Looking forward to your reply! 🙂

  4. Since I saw this I’ve been egger to try it, however I cant seem to get my hands on a demo and I just wanted to know how much longer till the full thing is out!? I would like to use this as soon as possible for my animations, as people with the demo have already started, and its kind of teasing me. 😦 I’m not asking for a specific date when It will be out but roughly when will it be available for download? Thank you for taking your time to read this. 🙂

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