Baby Poses

baby_poseHello everyone,

Awhile back, a baby rig was requested, so I created the buRig.blend.  The only problem was, the pose player didn’t work for babies!  I had forgotten about it until today when I was asked again if there was any progress made on being able to make poses for babies, so I gave it a try, and it seems to work 🙂

I modified cmomoney’s pose player to allow babies to use it and created a test pose to try it.  Above is a picture of a test pose in-game and in blender.

The link below is a zip file with the test poses that I made, a2b_soc.blend(a rig setup with an adult and a baby), and the modified version of cmomoney’s poseplayer for anyone interested in testing.

The test pose names in b_test.package are:

  • a_babyhold
  • b_babyhold

If you want to test your own poses, you can use buRig.blend or a2b_soc.blend.  Testing EA poses with the pose player don’t always work very well since the baby is usually being held by a sim, which means they are rotated in a way that won’t look right if you get the baby to use the pose player from the floor.

When testing, remember

  • Use the latest version of blender
  • Use the latest plugins and rig files
  • a2b_soc.blend needs to be in the multi-rigs folder in your rig folder(just like all the other multi-sim rigs)
  • You will need to replace the cmomoney_PosePlayer.package in your mods folder with the one in the zip file to allow babies to use the pose player.  You can backup the original just in case.
  • Don’t laugh too hard at the test pose I made.  I’m not an animator, I’m a coder 😉

If all goes well, I will talk with cmomoney about incorporating this pose player change into the official download when he returns.



11 thoughts on “Baby Poses

  1. Hi A,
    I’m thrilled you found the time to handle the baby pose problem. (back in february I made a pose, only to find out babies cannot pose) So I’m going to give it another try, but I’m encountering some problems:
    Have the latest Blender installed, the latest add-on and the rigfiles. All rigfiles open as they should be, only the a2b_soc.blend doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t show an adult and a baby at all. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong here.
    (I can also use 2 separate rigs, but as you mentioned the positioning problem, I wanted to try your combination rig)

    • Hi Fran,
      Make sure to put the a2b_soc.blend in the same folder as the a2a_soc.blend. It looks for the buRig and afRig blend files in the folder above it.
      Like \sims\multi-rigs from my rigs folder.

      • Hi A,
        I will check about that. In the meantime I succeeded in the ‘old way’. Took me some while though to get my simmie pregnant and deliver. Just took the pics, but I still have to upload them. I come back to give you the url’s.

          • Sorry, a bit lazy to sort things out. I give you the folder of the pics in photobucket:
            I also tried to organize the rigs folders as you said, but I still must be doing wrong. Took some screens of that too, they are in the same photobucket folder.
            But then again, I got it working by letting the simmie grabbing the baby and then pose, using the move Objects on cheat.

            • Sorry! You weren’t doing it wrong, I was. I re-uploaded fixed one, so if you re-download that it and put it in the multi-rigs folder you made, it should work now.

              I forgot to use the blender option to use relative paths, so a2b_soc.blend was looking for
              That’s where it is on my computer, so it worked for me. Now it will look one folder back to find afRig and buRig, no matter where you put it on your computer.

              I’m glad to see your poses working in game now, even though photobucket censored some of the pictures 🙂

              • Made another pose to test. It’s working fine with me. See more pics in the above mentioned link. (these are more ‘decent’ as I took the time to dress up my Simmie).
                So….. what’s next? You need more people to test this? Plz let me know. I could upload some poses at MTS for testing purposes, if that’s oke with you.

                • More testing won’t hurt, but i think this is ready to go. As soon as the pose player gets updated at MTS. I’ll talk to cmo about it.

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  3. hi I have all the files and pose player up to date. but when I created a group pose using the a2b group pose nothing shows up in blender so I went and did it by putting to rigs in together a am_rig and b_rig. but when testing it out in the game the am pose right but the baby pose is laying on the floor in the pose what am I doing wrong.

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