Don’t get Blender 2.68 yet

2.68 version of Blender seems to break things with importing meshes.  blender_shite

This is the mermaid top from island paradise EP, but it seems the new blender changed things in a way that breaks mesh importing.  I haven’t re-tested in-game a pose or animation from blender 2.68, but for now i would say do not upgrade.

If you are installing for the first time, get 2.67 instead of the official download, otherwise i just advise you not to upgrade yet if you use these plugins,


Baby Poses

baby_poseHello everyone,

Awhile back, a baby rig was requested, so I created the buRig.blend.  The only problem was, the pose player didn’t work for babies!  I had forgotten about it until today when I was asked again if there was any progress made on being able to make poses for babies, so I gave it a try, and it seems to work 🙂

I modified cmomoney’s pose player to allow babies to use it and created a test pose to try it.  Above is a picture of a test pose in-game and in blender.

The link below is a zip file with the test poses that I made, a2b_soc.blend(a rig setup with an adult and a baby), and the modified version of cmomoney’s poseplayer for anyone interested in testing.

The test pose names in b_test.package are:

  • a_babyhold
  • b_babyhold

If you want to test your own poses, you can use buRig.blend or a2b_soc.blend.  Testing EA poses with the pose player don’t always work very well since the baby is usually being held by a sim, which means they are rotated in a way that won’t look right if you get the baby to use the pose player from the floor.

When testing, remember

  • Use the latest version of blender
  • Use the latest plugins and rig files
  • a2b_soc.blend needs to be in the multi-rigs folder in your rig folder(just like all the other multi-sim rigs)
  • You will need to replace the cmomoney_PosePlayer.package in your mods folder with the one in the zip file to allow babies to use the pose player.  You can backup the original just in case.
  • Don’t laugh too hard at the test pose I made.  I’m not an animator, I’m a coder 😉

If all goes well, I will talk with cmomoney about incorporating this pose player change into the official download when he returns.