This is a Blender plugin that allows you to load and save
animation data for The Sims 3, and a set of in-depth tutorials on how to
use them to create working poses for the game.


  • Load existing animations
  • Save new animations
  • Full set of .blend files for each age/species
  • Adjust fat/fit/pregnant/thin morph values for placement on specialized poses
  • Load any cloned object as a prop, or make object animations
  • Load any cloned accessory or clothing


Blender 2.67b

Works with

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX


The best way to show your support for the tools and tutorials here is to not post the things you make with it on http://www.modthesims.com . Proudly post it on a site that actually has some dignity or start your own site for free.


+ Fixes prop load feature for Blender 2.67
+ Load additional morphs than the Fit/Fat/Thin/Special if the BGEO is in the package
+ Continue loading prop if loading the rig fails
+ Fixed bug in texture loader that attempted to read TXTC files as DDS files
+ Added baby rig buRig.blend
+ Fix prop import in Blender 2.65
+ Fix bug where plugins would not export from a2a_soc.blend and others like it
+ Minor update to a2a etc. rigs.  They are now in the subfolder multi-rigs to fix relative path issue
+ Removed "Automatic scaling for teen animations" as it didn't work
+ Added button to set morph values
+ Changed format of all images from .DDS to .PNG (2.64 introduced a "feature" that made dds textures inverted in viewport)
+ Added morph states to meshes
+ Fixed bug in reading/writing of clips that only affected mac users
+ Automatic scaling for teen animations
+ Made change so it can accept CLIP files made in milkshape
+ Fixed bone assignments when loading certain props such as beds and doors
+ Some bugfixes to the way textures are loaded on props/cas parts
+ Fixed bug when mixing LocRot keys with Morphs
+ Fixed bug with importing packages without a NameMap
+ Fixed bug with importing CASPart without a preset _XML
+ Fixed bug with reading CASPart bone assignments written by custom tools
+ Hid some unused bones
+ Made bones larger on horses and deer
+ Made b__ROOT_bind__ larger
+ Export has rename function built in now.
+ Added support for import/export of pet face slider animations
+ Added panel to control pet face sliders
+ Added panel with import options to load CAS part packages, and Object packages for customizing rigs, and adding custom props to scene
+ Sim rigs are less spiky, most noticeable change in puRig
+ Added missing pet rigs (clRig,ccRig,chRig,abRig)
+ Added textures to existing pet rigs
+ Split pet rigs into different zip than sim rigs

+ Export fills in interpolated gaps so that every frame doesn't have to be explicitly keyed
+ Poses/Animations should snap into place on import now
+ Scaled down bone sizes on rigs
+ Fixed tongue textures on rigs
+ Meshes non-selectable by default to avoid accidental clicking(in outliner right-click to re-enable)
+ Meshes parented to the Armature, making them more portable(drag just the armature to reposition entire rig)
+ Added a2a_soc.blend  This references existing rig files and combine them for multi-actor animation/pose setups.
+ Added horse rig
+ Initial public release


  • Huge thanks to Orangemittens for the pictures, guidance and testing, and tutorials ❤
  • Wes Howe for helping me out with sample source code for compressing frame data

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  1. Is there a way to modify an existing pose? I am not talking about making a pose from scratch. I am talking about taking a standard pose and changing it into a new pose that can be saved and used.

  2. I’m not sure if this is the place to ask for help, and I am really sorry if it isn’t, but I’m hoping somebody could help me please. I’ve downloaded blender, s3pe, I have the rigs, I know how to make poses, but the problem is, is that when I try to save the pose as a sims 3 animation, when I go to file (File>Export) there is no sims 3 animation (.animation) button. I really don’t know where or how to get the sims 3 animation (.animation) button. I really want to make poses for my game, but I can’t :c Please help.x

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    • Thank you for com on my question it was a little helpful and I want to know too how do you import a prop in blender 2.74 because when I try to do it nothing comes up but I have blender 2.75 now so ya :/

      • So we are both stuck in the same boat lol I I didn’t want you to get confessed by what is said

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